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Essay(s) by Isaac Disraeli
Isaac Disraeli
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"Critical Sagacity," And "Happy Conjecture;" Or, Bentley's Milton "Political Religionism"
"Taxation No Tyranny!" Abelard And Eloisa
Abridgers The Absent Man
Acajou And Zirphile Alchymy
Amusements Of The Learned Ancient And Modern Saturnalia
Ancient Cookery, And Cooks Anecdotes Of Abstraction Of Mind
Anecdotes Of Censured Authors Anecdotes Of European Manners
Anecdotes Of Fashion Anecdotes Of Prince Henry, The Son Of James I
Anecdotes Of The Fairfax Family Angelo Politian
Anne Bullen Apology For The Parisian Massacre
The Arabic Chronicle Ariosto And Tasso
Aristotle And Plato The Astrea
An Authentic Narrative Of The Last Hours Of Sir Walter Rawleigh Authors By Profession: Guthrie And Amhurst--Drake--Smollett
Autographs Bayle
Ben Jonson On Translation Ben Jonson, Feltham, And Randolph
The Bible Prohibited And Improved A Bibliognoste
The Bibliomania Bolingbroke And Mallet's Posthumous Quarrel With Pope
Bonaventure De Periers The Book Of Death
Boyle And Bentley Buckingham's Political Coquetry With The Puritans
Buildings In The Metropolis, And Residence In The Country Camden And Brooke
Cardinal Richelieu The Case Of Authors Stated, Including The History Of Literary Property
Catholic And Protestant Dramas A Catholic's Refutation
Cause And Pretext Cervantes
Characteristics Of Bayle Characters Described By Musical Notes
Charles The First Charles The First's Love Of The Fine Arts
The Chinese Language Cicero Viewed As A Collector
Cicero's Puns The Comedy Of A Madman
Condemned Poets Confusion Of Words
A Contrivance In Dramatic Dialogue Cowley Of His Melancholy
Critical History Of Poverty Critics
D'avenant And A Club Of Wits Danger Incurred By Giving The Result Of Literary Inquiries
De La Rochefoucault The Death Of Charles IX
Dedications The Despair Of Young Poets
Destruction Of Books Dethroned Monarchs
Diaries--Moral, Historical, And Critical The Diary Of A Master Of The Ceremonies
The Dictionary Of Trevoux Disappointed Genius Takes A Fatal Direction By Its Abuse
Discoveries Of Secluded Men Domestic History Of Sir Edward Coke
The Domestic Life Of A Poet.--Shenstone Vindicated Douglas
Dreams At The Dawn Of Philosophy Drinking-Customs In England
Duke Of Buckingham The Early Drama
Early Printing Edward The Fourth
Elizabeth Elizabeth And Her Parliament
An English Academy Of Literature English Astrologers
Errata Explanation Of The Fac-Simile
Expression Of Suppressed Opinion Extemporal Comedies
Fame Contemned Felton, The Political Assassin
Female Beauty And Ornaments Feudal Customs
Fire, And The Origin Of Fireworks Gaming
General Monk And His Wife Genius And Erudition The Victims Of Immoderate Vanity
Genius The Dupe Of Its Passions Geographical Style
A Glance Into The French Academy The Good Advice Of An Old Literary Sinner
The Goths And Huns Grotius
Hell The History Of Gloves
History Of New Words The History Of The Caracci
History Of The Skeleton Of Death The History Of The Theatre During Its Suppression
The History Of Writing-Masters Hobbes's Quarrels With Dr. Wallis The Mathematician
Hobbes, And His Quarrels; Including An Illustration Of His Character The Illusions Of Writers In Verse
Imitators Imprisonment Of The Learned
The Indiscretion Of An Historian Thomas Carte Inequalities Of Genius
Influence Of A Bad Temper In Criticism Influence Of A Name
The Inquisition Introducers Of Exotic Flowers, Fruits, Etc
Introduction Of Tea, Coffee, And Chocolate The Italian Historians
James The First James The First As A Father And A Husband
A Jansenist Dictionary The Jews Of York
Jocular Preachers Johnson's Hints For The Life Of Pope
Jonson And Decker Laborious Authors
Legends Libraries
Licensers Of The Press Life And Habits Of A Literary Antiquary.--Oldys And His Manuscripts
The Life Of An Authoress Lintot's Account-Book
Literary Anecdotes Literary Blunders
Literary Composition Literary Controversy
Literary Disappointments Disordering The Intellect Literary Dutch
Literary Fashions Literary Follies
Literary Forgeries Literary Friendships
Literary Hatred Exhibiting A Conspiracy Against An Author Literary Impostures
Literary Journals Literary Parallels
Literary Quarrels From Personal Motives Literary Residences
Literary Ridicule Illustrated By Some Account Of A Literary Satire Literary Scotchmen
Literary Unions A Literary Wife
Little Books Local Descriptions
Love And Folly, An Ancient Morality The Lover's Heart
The Loves Of "The Lady Arabella" Magliabechi
The Maladies Of Authors The Man Of One Book
Manuscripts And Books The Marriage Of The Arts
Martin Mar-Prelate Masques
Massinger, Milton, And The Italian Theatre Masterly Imitators
Medical Music Medicine And Morals
Men Of Genius Deficient In Conversation A Mendicant Author, And The Patrons Of Former Times
Metempsychosis Milton
The Minister--Duke Of Buckingham, Lord Admiral, Lord General The Minister--The Cardinal Duke Of Richelieu
Minute Writing The Miseries Of Successful Authors
The Miseries Of The First English Commentator Modern Literature--Bayle's Critical Dictionary
Modern Platonism Modes Of Salutation, And Amicable Ceremonies, Observed In Various Nations
Monarchs Mysteries, Moralities, Farces, And Sotties
Names Of Our Streets A Narrative Of ExtraordinaryTransactions Respecting Publication Of Pope's Letters
A National Work Which Could Find No Patronage Natural Productions Resembling Artificial Compositions
Nobility Noblemen Turned Critics
Numerical Figures Of A Biography Painted
Of A History Of Events Which Have Not Happened Of Anagrams And Echo Verses
Of Coke's Style, And His Conduct Of Des Maizeaux, And The Secret History Of Anthony Collins's Manuscripts
Of False Political Reports Of Lenglet Du Fresnoy
Of Literary Filchers Of Lord Bacon At Home
Of Palaces Built By Ministers Of Suppressors And Dilapidators Of Manuscripts
Of The Titles Of Illustrious, Highness, And Excellence On Puck The Commentator
On The Custom Of Kissing Hands On The Custom Of Saluting After Sneezing
On The Hero Of Hudibras; Butler Vindicated On The Ridiculous Titles Assumed By Italian Academies
The Origin Of Dante's Inferno Origin Of Newspapers
Origin Of The Materials Of Writing Orthography Of Proper Names
The Pains Of Fastidious Egotism Pamphlets
The Pantomimical Characters The Paper-Wars Of The Civil Wars
Parker And Marvell Parodies
Pasquin And Marforio Patrons
The Pearl Bibles And Six Thousand Errata Perpetual Lamps Of The Ancients
The Persecuted Learned Peter Corneille
Philip And Mary Philosophical Descriptive Poems
The Philosophy Of Proverbs Physiognomy
Poetical And Grammatical Deaths The Poetical Garland Of Julia
Poetical Imitations And Similarities Poets
Poets Laureat Poets, Philosophers, And Artists, Made By Accident
Political Criticism On Literary Compositions Political Forgeries And Fictions
Political Nicknames Pope And Addison
Pope And Cibber; Containing A Vindication Of The Comic Writer Pope's Earliest Satire
Pope, And His Miscellaneous Quarrels Popes
The Port-Royal Society Portraits Of Authors
Poverty Of The Learned Prediction
Prefaces Prior's Hans Carvel
The Productions Of The Mind Not Seizable By Creditors Professors Of Plagiarism And Obscurity
The Progress Of Old Age In New Studies Psalm-Singing
Quadrio's Account Of English Poetry Quodlibets, Or Scholastic Disquisitions
Quotation Rabbinical Stories
Recovery Of Manuscripts Relics Of Saints
Religious Nouvellettes Reliquiae Gethinianae
The Rewards Of Oriental Students Richardson
The Rival Biographers Of Heylin Robinson Crusoe
Romances Royal Divinities
Royal Proclamations Royal Promotions
The Royal Society The Rump
Saint Evremond Scarron
The Scuderies Secret History Of An Elective Monarchy
Secret History Of Authors Who Have Ruined Their Booksellers Secret History Of Charles The First And His First Parliaments
Secret History Of Charles The First, And His Queen Henrietta Secret History Of Edward Vere, Earl Of Oxford
Secret History Of Sir Walter Rawleigh Secret History Of The Building Of Blenheim
Secret History Of The Death Of Queen Elizabeth A Senate Of Jesuits
Sentimental Biography Shenstone's School-Mistress
Singularities Observed By Various Nations In Their Repasts Sir Edward Coke's Exceptions Against The High Sheriff's Oath
Sir John Hill, With The Royal Society, Fielding, Smart, &c. The Six Follies Of Science
Sketches Of Criticism Solitude
Solomon And Sheba Some Notices Of Lost Works
Songs Of Trades, Or Songs For The People The Sovereignty Of The Seas
Spanish Etiquette Spanish Poetry
Spenser, Jonson, And Shakspeare The Student In The Metropolis
The Sufferings Of Authors Supplement To Martin Mar-Prelate
The Talmud Titles Of Books
Titles Of Sovereigns Toleration
Tom O' Bedlams Tragic Actors
Trials And Proofs Of Guilt In Superstitious Ages True Sources Of Secret History
The Turkish Spy Undue Severity Of Criticism
Usurers Of The Seventeenth Century Vicars Of Bray
Vida The View Of A Particular Period Of The State Of Religion In Our Civil Wars
Virginity A Voluminous Author Without Judgment
Warburton, And His Quarrels; Including An Illustration Of his Literary Character Wax-Work
Whether Allowable To Ruin Oneself?